What is making me happy this week……

Blood. Yes, you read that right.  We all have it and it can do amazing things. Thanks to my awesome veins, a wonderful gift from my mom, giving blood is not an issue for me. Since I have been of age to donate at blood drives I have. As a result I have given several gallons of my blood at blood drives sponsored by universities and companies.

Last Friday I received a call from Mercy blood donor services. They had a critical ill person who needed my blood, not because of my blood type but because of the antibodies in my blood.  This was a message left on my cell phone and I’m not going to lie at first I thought this was some sort of scam. Using the power of Google I googled the phone number from the missed call information. Sure enough it was for Mercy blood donor services.

I called back and left a message that I would be happy to donate.  I received a call back that they had found someone to come in Monday morning but they still needed blood on hand because this critically ill person hadn’t even been born yet! They needed my blood for inter uterine transfusions for an unborn baby. As the nurse was telling me the information she paused. Apparently as we were speaking they decided it was best to deliver the baby which made the need even greater for my blood. So I made an appointment that evening after work to donate.

This was still very surreal! I know that giving at a blood drives saves lives but you never know which lives. In my case I knew my blood was going to help a little baby.  I was going to help save a life just by sitting back in a comfy chair at the donation center. Remember how I mentioned my great veins? Well I completed my donation in 4 minutes flat – a new record for the nurse taking my blood. I didn’t even have to spend a large portion of my time.

There was part of my that felt bad for being happy about this, after all the reason I was doing this was because there was a sick baby involved.  I share this story not to get any praise but to encourage you to give at blood drives if you can. It’s the small actions that have big impacts.

Have a great week!


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