What is making me happy this week…..

Curious what this post is about, check out my post from last week to find out.

On this short work week I am reflecting on what is making me happy this week and that is the return of the pumpkin spice latte. It may seem silly but the return of this fabulous drink gives me an excuse to call up my best girlfriends and say let’s have a PSL date. We get to hang out, catch up with each other and just be girls. Yes, I could do these at non PSL times of the year and sometimes I do, but having a specific seasonal reason seems to  motivate us to put the to do list aside and meet each other.  I love just sitting around gabbing and drinking something that is my all time favorite flavor.  This return also signals that fall is upon us and my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, is right around the corner as well. PSL warms my insides with its yummy pumpkin taste but it also warms my heart with the time I spend enjoying it with family and friends.

Till next week!


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