what is making me happy this week

The world of podcasts used to be so foreign to me. That changed several months ago when I found out I could download them to my iphone and have them when I run, walk across campus (cause I do that now – loving the new job by the way) or when there is nothing on the radio. When I thought of a podcast I didn’t think they would be funny but I was sooo wrong! All of the podcasts I currently subscribe to  make me laugh. However, they also inspire me. Between listening to one of the NPR podcasts and reading one my favorite blogs I was inspired to meld two of their topics together.

NPR pop culture happy hour podcast closes each podcast with asking the panel what is making them happy this week that is related to pop culture. This could be a book or movie release or something else along those lines. The author of the  blog nHerShoes (http://www.bobbimccormick.com/) which I recommend you check out, has recently started Five Minute Fridays. Each Friday she chooses a different word like change, begin, finish etc. and does free write, which means: no editing, no over-thinking, no worrying about perfect grammar or punctuation.

I love these two concepts! You often hear that positive attitudes can change your mood, others moods and even the world. I read an article that you should take time each day to think about things that make you happy. In effort to keep a positive attitude and really allow my thoughts to flow I am trying to marry these two ideas. So next week I start off on a journey to write a weekly post about what is making me happy and spend five minutes on this topic. Letting myself just think about me and my happiness and not thinking to hard about the words that are appearing on the computer screen. Because really if we all just took 5 minutes each week (or daily) to sit back and talk about our happiness which in turn is a form gratitude, I think the world would be a better place. So here goes………….start the clock…………………

Five Minute Mondays: What Is Making Me Happy This Week will begin next week!

Stay Tuned!




PS you don’t need a blog to do five minute Mondays (or any other day of the week). Grab a sheet a paper and jot down what makes you happy! Let’s get those positive vibes flowing!








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