Girls Night – There’s an app for that

These days whenever I am invited to a party it’s usually because someone is trying to sell me something. Which is fine most of the time. Without these parties I wouldn’t have cute monogrammed bags, makeup, weight loss products and so forth. And added bonus I get to hang out with my friends. This got me thinking though, when was the last time I got together with a group of my girlfriends to just hang out?

So in an effort to promote girl time I had a “there’s an app for that”  girls night. Everyone brings an appetizer (or app) to share. Then we just eat and talk and relax. One huge stress reliever in my life is my girlfriends.  They understand me and for the most part know what is going on in my life. Sometimes it’s easier to talk to someone who has the same hormones and parts as you, they just get it.

I think it is important to reconnect with your friends in a basic setting. This brought it all back to why we became friends in the first place, because we enjoy each others company and we want to be around each other. I have been blessed with some amazing friends and often we let the every day things get ahead of much needed girl time.   It’s no ones fault, there are just so many things pulling each of us in different directions.

I put my planning super powers to work and tried to get it on everyone’s calendar. While the date and time didn’t work for everyone I had a few ladies come out. I plan to try to schedule these every other month or so. Possibly with a new theme to keep things interesting. Plus it gives me the reason to try out Pinterest things.

In a world where we are go go go it’s nice to have a good old girls night to look forward to!




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