Number 79: Buy crazy workout pants

I was a chunky kid and didn’t really start working on my body until I was an adult. In 2006 I made the decision to be thinner! It’s a journey I am still on and I don’t feel like I am there yet.

As I started working out more and buying more workout clothes I always went straight for the black pants – black makes you look thinner right? But I always thought those fun colors and designs were cute. However, I could not get over the  thought of someone seeing me in them, it was just too much. I felt that they would just make my thighs really stand out among the crowd. You notice those crazy colors and designs and yes sometimes I am that person that thinks in their head yikes! you should not be wearing those pants. But really it’s my own insecurities that are causing this reaction. I should be cheering them on, go you for being so daring and being you!

Over the years I have seen some remarkable changes in my body which I have led me to take part in current fashion trends–  skinny jeans, high boots, leggings and so forth. But funny thing was, the thing that got me into those clothes was exercise but I still couldn’t buy the crazy design workout pants.

Well that changed a few weeks ago when I was walking through Macy’s with a gift card burning a hole in my pocket. I grabbed my size and walked around the store working up my courage to try them on. Yes, I was even scared to try them on. What if I put them on and felt my legs were huge, would that kill the years of motivation and pride I had in my body? But I did it, I tried them on and found they weren’t so scary. Yes, they are tight and there is not where to hide the flab and rolls but (in my mind) I looked like most the US population. Just your average size girl, working out to get thinner and be fashionable.

(front view)












IMG_2590(back view)

So I left the store with Macy’s bag in hand! Although before taking the tags off I tried them on in front of my own mirror just to make a 110% sure these were right for me. And then I cut the tags off, put my running shoes on and walked out the door into the world.

To many of you this may seem silly but this was a huge deal for me. This weight loss journey has had it’s ups and downs and each little step I take gives me confidence and motivates me to keep going. While I might not be the skinny girl in the cute pants I will be the girl with the cute pants which is totally fine with me.



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