Fruit Pizza cupcakes

Here is another recipe I tried when I had the girls over (that post is coming soon). Since cupcakes are kind of my signature I decided  try this recipe for Fruit pizza cupcakes. Plus I am a huge fruit pizza fan and these have fruit so it’s healthy right?

These are sugar cookie  flavored cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and fresh fruit.  This is a pretty basic cupcake recipe but you do get the taste of a sugar cookie in the cupcake. Overall a great recipe to have hand and could even be turned into an activity at shower or party. Build your own fruit pizza cupcakes. I am a huge fan of build your own/bars at events. Coming from a self-proclaimed picky person this just makes life easier and less awkward when you start to picking off ingredients that were added for you.

But if want fully constructed cupcakes these come out really pretty and could even be apart of  your decor.

A bonus about this pin was the recipe for the cream cheese frosting – it goes with any kind of cupcake! I will be using the frosting recipe over again as well.

This one was a major win and I expect to use it again.





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