Chewy wine

And you thought fruit snacks were just for kids? Nope, you can make these wine gummies and have your own version of fruit snacks – with booze!



I wasn’t really sure if this would work, the only kind of gelatine I have worked with is jello and vodka. Since I was having the gals over one evening I decided to give these a shot. First step was to gather all the ingredients. We had the wine on hand (duh!) so that wasn’t an issue but the obstacle I thought  I was going to have was finding unflavored gelatine. However, a simple  trip down the baking aisle at my local Dierbergs led me right to it!



Besides wine and gelatine you need maple syrup and sugar (optional). The recipe isn’t to difficult, it’s kind of a mix and stir recipe but you need to watch the mixture you are heating. Plus you need to slowly add the gelatine. I used all 4 packets that came in the box I bought, so if you plan to double or triple the recipe you will need to buy several boxes.

These came out pretty sweet so I probably should have cut down on the maple syrup. I feared these would be disgusting in taste and look but they came out just ok. I used a cookie cutter to make cute shapes. With the “scraps” I cut them into long pieces and put them in a cute bowl.

The pin also has a recipe for margarita gummies. I think I would give those a shot but I doubt I would make wine gummies again. You need a few more ingredients for the margarita gummies FYI. Since we were just hanging out in my living room I didn’t have to worry about them melting but if I had wanted to bring to an outdoor event I would have needed to heavily pack them in ice. Plus this event was just for my over 21 friends. If you want to serve these at family events you might want to make sure everyone knows they have alcohol in them. Some of the alcohol does cook off but the idea is that there is some left in them.

The inventive chef could probably come up with several variations of these gummies. I don’t have that mindset. I did print out the margarita recipe to try at a later date, but I gave this pin the ax.





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