Covered in bacon


To all my vegetarian or non bacon loving friends (wait why are friends then?) avert your eyes and maybe stop reading. This post will deal heavily with bacon, yummy yummy bacon. Over the 4th of July holiday we were invited to a BBQ and I couldn’t decide what to bring. I usually show up with cupcakes but I knew this hostess would have that covered and I wanted to bring more of a side dish. Then it struck me – cheese  ball! Who doesn’t love a good cheese ball plus I would get to use the spreaders I bought at a pampered chef party like 3 years ago plus this super cute plate a friend gave me.

Awhile back I had pinned this recipe for a bacon ranch cheese ball and decided this would be the perfect recipe to try. Let me just say if you are looking for a massive cheese ball recipe look no further- with two bricks of cream cheese this makes a substantial cheese ball to feed a crowd.



You will notice that it’s covered in bacon, but once you dig in you will see that the bacon is also inside as well. I cheated and bought the bacon crumbles, it was July and I didn’t feel like frying a bunch of bacon. Truthfully I never feel like frying bacon. I enjoy bacon but I do not enjoy smelling like bacon.  The crumbles work just as great and look better than bacon I could fry up!


Bacon Ranch Cheese Ball


This recipe is my favorite kind – mix and stir. You only need a few ingredients that you combine and shape into ball. Super easy and tasty. I bought Club crackers to go with these cheese ball.  Which would have worked out fine had I not bought the mini crackers. I thought they would be easier to dip into the cheese ball with but they were so tiny the cracker wouldn’t hold up as you tried to scoop up the cheese ball. Luckily I had those cute spreaders so all worked out in the end.


As you can tell this is a keeper, it’s simple and can be thrown together pretty quickly- it needs to be refrigerated for about an hour to let all the ranchy goodness sink in. Next time I will probably cut the recipe in half though instead of bringing a giant cheese ball. I was pretty impressed with how closely this resembled the picture in the pin and how it looked overall.



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