Copy Cat Starbucks

Starbucks is a staple in my life but more for the coffee and yes the cake pops. They also have pumpkin bread year round so they get a gold star in my book. As far as the other kinds of drinks go- the smoothies, the teas etc. I am just not that interested.  When I came across this pin for copycat Starbucks Refresher I was intrigued because there were so few ingredients and I have been trying to drink less Diet Coke. If I have other options available to me I can usually fight the Diet Coke craving.

This was a nice refreshing and sweet drink. I wouldn’t drink it with a meal but it would good thing to have on hand when I felt like I needed either something a little sweet or wanted a drink of something but didn’t need an entire can of soda. I will admit I have never ordered a refresher from Starbucks so I can’t really confirm how close the taste is to the real thing. But I am guessing they would be pretty close.  Through this experiment I also found that the TAZO passion fruit tea isn’t half bad and I could drink it just on it’s own.

Also this drink comes out a really cute color pink, it would make an easy drink for a wedding or baby shower and look very pretty in a drink dispenser.  This is a keeper which really surprised me. Going into this one I thought I am not going to like this it will taste too much like tea. Just goes to show you that sometimes trying new things isn’t all that scary and sometimes you get a pretty party option out of it.




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