Number 78: Watch The Notebook (and a note on why I heart books)


Truthfully I am not much of a movie buff. If I see one movie in the theater a year I am lucky. But I am trying to branch out and see some of the movies that pretty much the whole planet has seen.

Just recently The Risk’s got Netflix so I thought this would make it easy to catch up on movies. Wrong! Of the 3 movies that were on my list to watch I couldn’t find any of them on Netflix. Which just added to my frustration with Netflix-no Gilmore Girls, no ER come on Netflix!! It’s probably better they don’t have these or I might just sit on the couch all day and never leave the house.  My work around to gain access to these movies was my local library.Yes, there are more than just books at the library! And they are free to rent! I encourage you to use your local library for reading and watching. Don’t get me wrong I still prefer to read over watch.

It did take a few weeks for my request of The Notebook to be completed – guess people are still watching it!

This movie left me feeling meh. It was a watchable movie and I am a hopeless romantic but it was just too sappy for me.  So I know I am not winning any friends by saying I wouldn’t watch again but this was just not a movie for me.  I am glad I have seen it so I can be up to date when people reference the movie but I will not be putting it on my favorite movie list.

I have never really paid attention to movie reviews, if I want to see a movie I will see it no matter what a reviewer says. Since I don’t feel like I have to see movie in a movie theater I am ok waiting for it to come to Netflix, Redbox or the library. Just knowing that I will eventually see it and I don’t have to pay the ridiculous theater prices in enough for me.

Although it is a fun date night or girls night to go see a movie every so often so I am not saying I won’t set foot in a theater again. Because I am definitely one of those girls that is excited about the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie. Actually the three movies I really want to see right now are books that have read: Fault in Our Stars, Gone Girl and Fifty Shades Of Grey.

Now I know what some of you are thinking Fault In Our Stars is pretty over the top sappy and I agree with you.  But I would like to see how they adapted the book to the screen. I enjoyed the book but I found it so over the top not only for the events in the book but for the way main male character acted. He is a teenager and while he was suffering from a horrible disease I don’t think his behavior was in any way believable.

I am not putting these kinds of books down in any way.  The beauty of books and movies is that you can read/watch and form your own opinion and feelings.  Two people can read the same book and get completely different things from it – and from movies as well (kind the point of this post). I think book clubs would be pretty boring if everyone got the same thing out of the book. If you loved the Notebook I don’t fault you for that or think any different of you.  We may agree on other books/movies but differ on this one and that is ok. We are luck enough to live in a country that allows us the right to think the way we want about books, movies and so forth (insert some one saying ‘Merica here).

One of my favorite posters that was hanging in my room as a kid said “Books Fall Open, You Fall In”. Whether you fall into a story you love or dislike, books open up so many worlds to you. This post started off about a movie and ended with my thoughts on reading – guess this is kind of a two for one special!

What are you reading right now? I love getting book recommendations!

Happy reading or watching!



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