it’s yogurt! it’s a Popsicle! it’s both!


Most of my days start off with a yogurt but it’s hard for me to yogurt at other times of the day – like say as dessert. When I saw the pin for yogurt pops I was intrigued. The picture attached with the pin made it look as easy as just sticking a Popsicle stick in the yogurt carton. Low and behold it was that easy!

I had large popsicle sticks left over from some craft project so I stuck them in the cartons and popped them in the freezer. The next day I took one out of the freezer, I could feel that the yogurt had fully frozen.



The true test would be how easily I was able to extract the pop from the carton. The pin suggest running the carton under hot water for 20 seconds. I did this and it melted some of the pop. I have since eaten another one of these and skipped the water step. Mine popped out pretty easily after sitting on the counter for a few minutes. As you can see from the picture below the pop came looking like a popsicle! Even better it stayed put on the stick as I ate it. Another  thing I really enjoyed about this was that it took me some time to eat it, it was a treat that I really could enjoy and not just scarf down.


I was excited this worked but I wondered if I would see this as enough of a dessert treat. The cold yogurt is (to me) a nice sweet treat and really feels like you are eating frozen yogurt that you might have gone out to buy.

This is easy, simple and fun. I will be making these a staple in my fridge.








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