Fire + Marshmellows + Baileys =

It was that time of year again……the burning of the Risk family Christmas tree. Yep, we chop our tree up and save it to burn in our fire pit at some point during the next year. Does that make us green?

We love hanging out in the backyard with a fire and some wine or beer.



I decided this backyard fire should include marshmallows. Not any marshmallow either –boozy marshmallows! I found out about these through, where else, a pin on Pinterest. View the blog post that inspired me here


IMG_2445There isn’t much mystery to this recipe. 1. Toast marshmallow to your desired toastyness 2. Dip said marshmallow in Baileys or something similar, 3.Eat then repeat! As you can see we used imitation Baileys – I wasn’t going to break out the good stuff before I knew this was going to work.

Here is my raw marshmallow and my Irish cream for dipping


Nice and toasty! Truthfully I would have preferred it to be more toasty but I was working with a short skewer and the fire was hot!


Then it came time to dip!


I will agree this was pretty tasty but I didn’t find it as mind blowing as the person who posted this idea.  Not going to lie I did eat 3 of them. I am not a huge marshmallow fan to begin with, I enjoy them in rice krispy treats and on a s’more but I not the kind of girl that will eat them right of the bag.

These would be fun to make if you were having a group of people over for a BBQ or something. I know many of your are thinking or when you camp – but this girl doesn’t camp. Back yard fires are my camping.  If your are into that kind of thing then yes these would be fun on camping trip.

You could pretty much use any kind of alcohol you prefer. Hmmmm maybe I see some marshmallow mangorita’s in my future.

Happy roasting!





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