Burger cupcakes


As we all know I enjoy cupcakes. And I enjoy them on all levels. I like to eat them, bake them and decorate them. Although I don’t really do a ton of decorating besides some swirly icing. So I decided to try my hand at some serious decorating. For a 4th of July BBQ I was attending I thought it might be appropriate to make burger cupcakes I found on Pinterest.

Yes, tiny little sweat treats that looked like hamburgers. I really loved this recipe because in the ingredients it says to buy boxed mixed and make cupcakes. There is no need to make cupcakes from scratch. What a win – and a time saver.


To make the “bun” you cut the cupcakes in half. Check out my buns below.



The “burger” portion is a brownie. Next time I will make more brownies than the recipe calls for because in the end I had a burger shortage.  Not cool! To get the burger shape I used a shot glass, truthfully it’s the most use a shot glass has seen in our house lately. Hmm maybe I need to plan a shot themed party. Anyway getting back on track.

Towards the end I was molding as many brownie pieces together as I could. Which gave some of them more of a burger look. See below for the examples of how my burgers turned out. I was happy with both a perfect circle and one that was a little imperfect.


IMG_2498 IMG_2499

Next it was time to add the condiments. Again another great baking hack – canned icing and food coloring. I stuck with the normal toppings of lettuce, ketchup and mustard. Even though I don’t eat anything of those things on burgers or any other food for that matter, but it made them look pretty. The trick is to line the outside of the brownie so you see it when you put the other half of the cupcake on top.




After you are done topping them you add the top bun and there you go burger cupcakes. The recipe said to brush the top with water and add sesame seeds for an authentic took. I was not ok with sesame seeds on a cupcake so I left them off.  They still look like burgers to me!


Due to my brownie shortage I made some vegetarian as well. Just condiments and sprinkles.




These were fun to make and would be a nice addition to any summer BBQ table. This is a keeper!




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