Crunch it out!

There are all sorts of fitness challenges out there and I was curious if they really work. A friend sent me a Facebook invite  for a 30 day ABS challenge. I accepted because I figured if I made it known that I was doing this I would actually do it.

The running blogs all say a strong core helps with running so I thought this would be a good way to strengthen my core and build my six pack.

I surprised myself at how I actually stuck to this and made time every day to do it. I enjoy running and fitness but not every day.  It did help that the first days were pretty easy and incorporated a few rest days.

I quickly found that I do not like sit ups. But guess what, they got easier as the days went on and yes I did 125 situps on the last day! While I didn’t follow the schedule to a T, we were on vacation a few days, I did complete the challenge.

My abs might not be the six pack in the picture below but I could feel myself getting stronger and was able hold a plank for longer than I ever have. This was great for me because I need something that tells what exercises to do and how long to do them. Plus I was accountable because I accepted the challenge on social media.

I plan to keep this schedule and  incorporate it into my workouts. I might not follow the day to day schedule but I can mix in an ab workout here and there. I have begun the search for other “challenges”.

There is even a nap challenge out there! Which I need because I am a bad napper as Jake can attest to.

Below is the ab challenge I did and recommend. If you want to do a challenge together let me know, we can each honest on our way to looking like total hotties! (do people even use that word anymore?)




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