Crockpot monkey bread

So I have actually never made monkey bread. I have eaten it a lot but never actually made it. I found a pin for crock pot monkey bread and thought this would be good for my first attempt -click here for the recipe.

The ingredients are pretty minimal cinnamon, sugar, butter and grands biscuits. The cream cheese is optional.

Once you have rolled the biscuits in butter and the cinnamon sugar mixture you put in the crock pot  and layer the cream cheese on top. Below is the picture of the assembled ingredients prior to turning on the crock pot.



You cook this on low for 2.5 hours – according to the recipe. Mine had to cook longer. I would say mine cooked for about 3 hours and 15min ish. I am not good at looking at something that is cooking saying  ya that is done. I usually over cook everything. I am not sure if it because I like things very dry and I don’t mind the overcooking or that I am afraid I will kill someone with under cooked food.




After I felt it was done I stirred everything in the crock pot.  This picture makes it look pretty unappetizing but it was actually pretty good. It made the house small A-H- mazing!


My only issue with this recipe was that I was never able to get the monkey bread into bread like consistency. The biscuit pieces were pretty mushy, you had to eat this with a spoon there wasn’t any pulling apart pieces with your fingers. And maybe that was the point of the recipe or maybe I have just been eating the wrong kind of monkey bread.

This recipe will be a keeper. It was easy to make and made the house smell good. Another plus was that I could eat this as breakfast, a snack or dessert.  While it’s not the prettiest the taste won me over.  I liked the doughy consistency so this didn’t really phase me.  The next time I think I will omit the cream cheese and see if that helps make it more “bready”. You might have better luck but I think it’s worth a try, especially on hot summer days when you don’t want to turn on the stove.

I will gladly come over and taste your creation.




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