Charitable giving doesn’t always have to be monetary………..

When people think about non-profit organizations they often think about the dollar amount they will give to that organization. But there are others ways to support these organizations if you can. One of the ways is through service to that organization.  The value of service was instilled in me during my four years at Ursuline Academy where the school motto was Serviam – I will serve.

As many of you know last year I repelled down the side of the Four Seasons Hotel at Lumiere Casino in support of Special Olympics of Missouri. In order to repel I had to raise at least $1,000 for Special Olympics. When I first started I thought I would never make that goal. With some creative thinking and a little begging I was able to reach and exceed that goal. It wasn’t always easy but I did it knowing that not only would I get the chance of a lifetime but I would provide Missouri Special Olympics athletes with fun and opportunities.

Repelling was awesome and I had a great time but I decided not to go Over the Edge in 2014. However, my friend Tina who talked me into last year had recruited an Ursuline junior, Nicole,  for the 2014 Over the Edge. Nicole was looking to do a fundraising garage sale but needed a space. We have a pretty large driveway so I offered our location. Together with donations from multiple parties we collected a nice selection of items that would bring in the garage salers.


We lucked out and got a pretty good day. It was a little warm but there was no rain and it wasn’t massively hot. There were a few lulls but we had some big spenders and even some people who just wanted to donate to the cause.  I think total profit of the day was around $300.00. Plus I got to hang out with Tina and get to know Nicole (and her family) a little bit better. We shared laughs and even some tears throughout the day. All in all I would say the day was a success!

I was happy that I helped Nicole with her fundraising goal. At times I found the task of fundraising  a bit daunting. I wanted to help ease that burden for her and at least get her rolling on the fundraising.  Instead of making a monetary donation to her goal I gave my time and my talent (extreme organization) to help make her garage sale a success.  Service doesn’t have to be grand gestures, it can be as simple as saying yes you can use my lawn. And sometimes it’s the little things that make the most difference. I hope that I have shown Nicole that service continues even after you leave Ursuline. That life offers us many opportunities to help others out whether they be strangers or friends.

Thank you to everyone who donated items, came out to shop, shop via text or made monetary items!  Did you miss the garage sale? Want to donate to send Nicole Over the Edge? You can go here to donate.

If you have questions about Over the Edge or want to sign up you can go here (where you will see a picture of yours truly) or just ask me!



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