Pinterest posts 2.0

I often save up a few pins I have tried and give my thumbs up or thumbs down on them, but I have decided to take these posts in a new direction. When I write a post about several crafts or recipes I am kind of cheating. Since there are multiple topics in the post I can get away with providing a short blurb about each or sometime maybe even just a few words. I decided in an effort to blog more and make pin posts more personal I would post as I tried a pin. So here goes!

As many you know I am a huge fan of the potato.  Baked, fried, Julienne you name it I will eat it.  There are some people in my house, who will remain nameless, that don’t have the same love for potatoes as I do.  This means I am constantly looking for new ways to cook potatoes so they can be included in more meals.  This pin for Crash Hot Potatoes peaked my interest. They seemed pretty easy to make – a major plus in my book. I am slowly getting into the hang of this cooking thing so I tend to stick to the easier recipes.

I boiled the potatoes until they were tender enough to smash, my smashed potatoes didn’t come quite like the photo in the pin but they were close enough. Plus I was using a different type of masher than the pictures showed.  I slathered them with olive oil and sprinkled them with salt, pepper and a little onion salt and popped them in the oven.   A 450 degree oven – so super hot! The idea is that after 20 to 25 minutes you have crispy potatoes. They turned out slightly crispy, part of the problem was we were hungry and just wanted to eat so when the timer went off  I took them out of the oven. Also I think a heavier coating of olive oil might have helped crisp them faster. If I had left them in another 10 minutes they probably would have achieved the crispy the recipe was going for.  Here is a pic of my potatoes


They look pretty boring but the edges and bottoms were crispy and they had good flavor. I added some shredded cheese to mine after I put them on my plate. Which as we all know if always a good idea.

This recipe is a keeper. These were easy to make and there are lots of ways to change these up so they don’t get to boring. You could easily add bacon to these or some ranch seasoning or garlic or….you get my drift.  It would also be fun to mix up the kind of potato you use. We had purple potatoes at our wedding reception, which got mixed reactions from guests. Some were freaked out, some intrigued and some didn’t notice. One table even got into a heated discussion over the purple potato. For the record it’s just like your normal potato but the skin is purple. Using purple potatoes would add color to your table and maybe even  be a conversation starter at your next get together.

Another thing I liked about this recipe was that these make nice individual servings. Not everyone wants a whole baked potato at a meal or party (not this girl though!), these make the perfect individual servings for someone who is watching their carbs or just wants a small serving.

This recipe is a keeper. If you want to try this out I am a willing taste tester – as long you don’t put any seafood on them or pickles or mac and cheese or lettuce or….just give me a call and I can give you full list of items I don’t eat.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully you enjoy the new pin post format.





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