Number 76: Spray a fire extinguisher

IMG_2279[1]Another item off the list! This is something I have been wanting to do for awhile.

I have seen plenty of TV shows and movies where the quick thinking character grabs and sprays an extinguisher and puts out a fire without ease.  And I think to myself is really that easy? Would I be able to that in an emergency? Is it really as fun as they make it look?

Well I got my chance to try to answer this questions when we decided to replace the fire extinguisher we keep in our kitchen. The fire extinguisher had been one our first purchases for our new home. No, not because I would using the oven – I know many of you thought that! It was an overall safety thing and I think we got some kind of insurance credit for having one.  We have been in the house for 7 years which the fire extinguisher was 7 years old – and like most everything else they have an expiration date. Since we had received some Lowe’s gift cards for our anniversary we decided to retire the current extinguishers in the house and get new ones. Which was the perfect opportunity for me to test out spraying a fire extinguisher.

Jake gave me this advice PASS

P -pull (the pin)

A – aim

S – squeeze

S- sweep

I did these steps and was surprised to see the powdery substance that came out. I envisioned it to be more watery  and more blasty (is that a word??).  All in all it was pretty anticlimactic. This is just a small extinguisher so obviously it didn’t shoot out with as much force.  But I am glad I did it, now I know where the pin is and what exactly is coming out of the extinguisher.

I pray I won’t ever have to use this skill again but it makes me feel better knowing a little bit more about this apparatus. I really believe that this should be something you learn how to do it school. A true life lesson – that hopefully you never have to use.






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