As part of my lenten promise I gave up pinning new pins. The idea being that I could concentrate on the many pins I had already pinned and take some time to actually try some of this stuff. So here goes:

Yogurt strawberries  – I was intrigued by the post that went along with recipe. The pinner said they bring these to every party they go to. So I was expecting these to be awesome. They are super easy to make, just cut strawberries, dip in yogurt and freeze.  To me this wasn’t a treat, yes they were slightly sweet.  The yogurt didn’t really add anything to the taste, I just tasted strawberry. But  I had a hard time getting over biting into a frozen strawberry. In fact as I write this I am cringing. I would rather have strawberries mixed into greek yogurt as a snack. This one got the delete button. The strawberries on the right were pre freezer and the ones on the left are the post freezer. Mine defiantly were not as pretty as the ones in the pin


Baileys Irish Cream Puppy Chow


I have been wanting to try to make more holiday foods and since I came home from the St. Paddy’s day parade with a bottle of Baileys this was the perfect recipe to try. The title is a little deceiving though, as I understand it real puppy chow has peanut butter. This recipe only calls for Baileys and chocolate candy melts (white and green). But since I don’t like peanut butter I am ok with that. When it comes down to it this is rice chex covered in a Bailey’s and candy melt mixture sprinkled with powder sugar.

Since you melt the candy and Bailey’s together the mixture look on a brownish tint. I added more chocolate to bring out the white and green colors. You can vaguely see the colors in the picture above. I would make this again but only for a St. Pat’s themed party.  I’m sure they are plenty of other ways to use Baileys…like maybe in a cupcake or in a shot glass.

Blueberry Yogurt Cookies – One word YUCKO! I  was intrigued by the few ingredients and the use of greek yogurt. These were tasteless and bland. I will admit that I didn’t make the icing that is also listed in the recipe. Maybe they would have made them better. They might be healthier for you but I wouldn’t serve them to anyone.

Banana Muffins – These were a must keep! I was a little nervous after the greek yogurt cookie debacle but these turned out really well. They tasted like actual banana muffins, the highlight was I cut the butter out. There is still eggs and oil in them but hey there healthier than other banana muffins I have made. The one funny thing about this recipe is the emphasis it puts on using the sprinkles. I don’t think they made that much of a difference in the taste and will most likely leave them out the next time around. This was a win though!

Family Magnets – Recently my brother and his family moved to Houston, TX. I was desperately searching for a way to keep connected to my nephew who is 2. After a simple Pinterest search I found a pretty cool way to stay connected. Family magnets! These are so easy. You will need to buy adhesive magnet sheets – I found them at Joann’s and contact paper. Simply take a picture of yourself or the item you want to make a magnet of, cut it out so it’s just the shape you want, stick it to the adhesive magnet sheet and cut around it to get your desired shape. Then cover with contact paper and cut off the excess paper. When I took the family pictures I had each person hold a sign of who they were, this way the magnets can be used for facial recognition and when my nephew starts to read he further associate who we are. I plan to make these in different poses like me with my arms out giving a hug or jumping in the air.

Bunny Noses

Another craft I created for all my nieces and nephews for Easter.  These were pretty simple, you just need a popsicle stick, pipe cleaners, white pomopms and a glue gun. Wrap the pipe cleaners around the stick to form whiskers and then glue on the white pompom (aka nose). What do you think? Do I look like a bunny?



Washing Pillows – I admit we are not good about washing pillows, pillowcases yes but not the actual pillow. Truthfully this task intimidated me a bit, I was so worried I was going to give us mold poisoning or something. I was afraid if I didn’t get the pillows exactly dry that mold would form in them and kill us. I know I know a little extreme. However, this didn’t end up being to scary or time consuming. It takes just a few extra steps like setting your washer for another spin cycle to really get the detergent out and helps with the drying process. Also when you put them in the dryer you need to also put tennis balls in as well to really dry the pillows. The tennis balls beat against the pillow for extra drying since you need to dry them on low heat. I tried this on our guest pillows and the only complaint I have is it kind put the pillows out of wack. I think the shifting in the washing machine and the tennis ball beating might have effected them a bit. They went pretty much back to normal after I worked on them for a bit. It could also be that we don’t buy expensive pillows. I plan to take the plunge and wash our bedroom pillows. Our pillows are less than a year old so I think they could stand up to the process and we could easily get them back to original shape.


So there we good, I was able to concentrate on both recipes and crafts and cross a few things off my pin boards. Stay tuned for further updates!



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