The magical post it!

I make lists and then I make lists about the list I just made. As you can imagine I go through a lot of paper and sometimes a lot of stress as the list grows. Recently I found a better way to have my list and keep the stress down- use a post-it. I make my list with everything I need to do then I take stock of the list. Items that need to be completed the quickest or are time sensitive go onto the post-it. And by post-it I mean your standard post-it. So there isn’t a lot of room to work with. Once the post-it is full it’s full and the list is made. Those are the items I work on and don’t deviate back to the larger list.

This gives me a smaller list to work with and things don’t seem so overwhelming. If I finish the items on the list before the end of the day I start another post-it list. This is very fulfilling because after completing a post-it list I get to cross of several items at once. I recommend the post-it method– plus post-its come in fun colors so it really spices up your list making.

And now I can cross this post off my post-it list 🙂



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