Number 75: Stay at the Moonrise Hotel

I’m a big fan of really experiencing the city you live you. So I dropped hints to Jake that a stay at the Moonrise hotel in the loop would be a perfect thing for us St. Louisians to experience. Plus the place is covered in crescent moons! If you don’t know the crescent moon is my sorority symbol and is near and dear to my heart. As seen here I am posing as a crescent moon with the crescent moon pictures in our room.


The hotel was nice and the service was great. We didn’t spend a ton of time in the hotel since I was in charge of my sororities trivia fundraiser that evening but it was a nice place to come back to after a crazy night of being in charge of our biggest fundraiser.  After we got back to the room that night we ordered room service, I ordered the toasted ravioli – you know to really get the St. Louis experience. I was severely disappointed.  They were more like meat bites and the meat was terrible. They were so bad I wrote a letter to the manager about how awful they were and that they didn’t represent St. Louis at all. As a lover of St. Louis I hold the city’s reputation close to my heart. I want anyone who isn’t from the Lou who stays the Moonrise to really understand what T-ravs are! I didn’t get any response from the management team at the Moonrise which was a little disappointing. I know they probably chuckled that I was complaining about toasted ravioli but I don’t care.

I doubt we will stay again, it was nice but didn’t knock our socks off. We had  a Groupon too, which knocked down the price and gave us discounted brunch. Brunch wasn’t really that up to par either- I mean no pancakes at brunch, what the what?!

It was a fun night away from home and I can now say I have stayed at the Moonrise hotel – added bonus I got to sit in this cool chair!





Till next time!








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