Good deeds

No good deed goes unpunished. I tend to agree with American playwright Clare Boothe Luce on this statement. Good deeds keep this crazy world we live in somewhat sane.  And while good deeds don’t always give us immediate satisfaction or reward I believe at some point that good deed comes back to you.

In today’s world of social media where you know everything from what people ate for breakfast to the color of their underwear and so much more, it’s hard to remain anonymous. Lately as I have been perusing Pinterest I have seen several posts for the 30 nice things I did for my 30th birthday or the 25 nice deeds of Christmas,etc.

While I truly applaud these people it gives me just a bit of heartache that these are plastered around the internet. I grew up learning that when you do something nice for someone you don’t boast about it. But here is where I have a hard time because I think most of the people who are doing these good deeds are doing them because they want to and they know the world needs the good. They are posting to inspire others to get out there and to do some good. I will be the first to admit that I have done good deeds and either told other people about it, blogged about it or posted on facebook. I am in no way saying I am the perfect do good-er.  I do want others to know that there are good people out there and maybe inspire others to do some good. So I sometimes post good deeds I have done.

It’s such a fine line, one that I need to be aware of as well. The lists that people post on Pinterest and other places do inspire me and help me see what one person can do. I am not saying these lists shouldn’t be posted I just think that we don’t need to go overboard and let the world know about every single good deed you have done. Lets aim to really do something nice for someone with no reward or recognition. Heaven knows we need all the good this world can get.

Thanks for reading! And for all the good you do!



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