A cross between a strike and a lenten promise

As you all know I enjoy Pinterest  and testing out all the fun things I pin and pin and pin and pin…… But things have gotten a little out of hand and I fear I am losing sight of the things I pin. So I am going on a pinning strike. This means I can’t pin anything new, I can try out pins and search the site but no pinning!!

How long will I be on strike for? 40 days and 40 nights. An odd time you might think but  I am also using this as part of what I am doing for lent. I probably pin at least 4 times a week, this exercise will be a true test of my ability to avoid temptation. This might seem silly to some of you but this is something that will be difficult for me and help me be a better person. I pin so much and then I stress out over not having worked on the pins or pinning something and forgetting about it. I see it as a list of things to do. This will help me catch up with the pins I have and keep my stress level low in turn making me a better person to be around. Which is good for me and will show me that I don’t always have to be out there pinning the easy crockpot meal or the easy organization steps and so on.

I look forward to this challenge and all the pins I will get to try. Hopefully you won’t see me in your news feed until after 4/20. Watch out I may be go pin crazy after that date, hopefully my recipe boards will be low on pins.


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