Running for Stan




My first organized run of 2014 was a run over the newly completed Stan Musial bridge. I signed up for this one not only because it was a once in a lifetime run but also because it honored Stan the Man. He was one of my dad favorite players so I thought it was a nice way to honor both of them.

In honor of the great number 6 this was actually a 6K – so almost 4 miles. Although we have had quite a winter we got a nice 25 degree day. Believe me I was happy to be seeing a double digit temperature. There was snow on the ground  but the race crew did a great job clearing the race route.  I got to be among the first people to cross the bridge, the bridge opened to vehicles the next day. This was a fun event to be a part of and I got to run in two states. The turn around was slightly into IL.  The bridge is pretty and a great way to honor a wonderful St. Louisian. The bridge is referred to as the Stan span on traffic reports in the morning which I think has a nice ring to it!

A cold but fun day! Definitely  made me want to sign up for more races and get back into running mode.




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