completed pins

Yep, my kitchen has been busy with pinterest recipes. I have really been trying to not pin a ton without constantly trying pins. I worry they will just get buried and I won’t attempt them. So I am not on a pin strike as much as a pin slim down!

Caramel apple hand pies –  I had some left over pie crust and thought these might be tasty. They were pretty easy to make.  I substituted the caramel candy with plain old caramel sauce which worked nicely. I would make these again but maybe make them smaller so they are more of a bite size option. They would be good with ice cream on top of them too!



Drunken pork chops – We really enjoyed these and will make them again. Pork chops are a staple in the Risk household. These were a nice change from the usual seasoned pork chops we make. They were similar to a pork chop with BBQ sauce. And if you make these I recommend serving with mashed potatoes as the recipe suggests.

Slow Cooker Balsamic Pot Roast – Yuck! I was really excited about this since Jake is a big fan of balsamic. However, this just tasted like beef with orange zest. I knew it was bad when Jake wouldn’t eat it, he usually eats most everything. This recipe went into the deleted bin.

Baked Chipotle Sweet Potato and Zucchini Fritters – These intrigued me, not because they are vegan but because I am trying to incorporate more vegetables into my diet and I saw myself actually wanting to eat them. They were pretty tasty and they re-heated in the microwave nicely. When shredding the vegetables I used both a potato peeler and a grater. This method made the vegetables different sizes and helped hold them together better.

Avocado dressing – Another getting the delete button. It wasn’t bad but the yogurt made this more of a dip than a dressing. It was pretty thick. Mostly this tasted like a creamy hot sauce. While that is not  a bad thing I was hoping for something with more of an avocado taste.

Bruschetta Chicken – This was a miss in my book – but Jake liked it. The outside breading was a little mushy which overall made me not a fan. The  bruschetta that went over the top of the chicken was pretty tasty though. I could of just had that for dinner.  This one got mixed reviews in the Risk household.  If you are not to picky you will probably enjoy this one.

Get Skinny cookies – These were OK. I used only banana and oatmeal packets. They would have been a lot better with chocolate chip or pistachios. I am keeping this recipe because it’s a good option for bananas that have gone bad and these cookies fill you up. So I understand why they call them get skinny cookies.  They are pretty funky looking when they come out of the oven but still taste good. Of course you have to be a banana fan! These would be good as breakfast, a snack, a pre-run meal or as a little treat.

Hope your pinning is going well! My goal is that my next Pinterest post will have some craft projects included.



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