Number 73: See Elf

photo2 elf

Yep, until December 2013 I was an Elf virgin. This is somewhat surprising since I do enjoy Christmas movies. However, and not hate for this, I am not a huge Will Ferrell fan. I do find him funny sometimes in small doses. I think this was the reason why I never saw the movie because this was a very large dose of him.

When the Moolah theater offered Elf as a midnight movie I knew this was my chance to knock another item off the list! Technically two items since I had never been to a midnight movie either.

It was fun night out with one of my really good friends-plus the Moolah has comfy couches instead of seats. Also it was right before Christmas so it was fun pre-holiday night out.

The movie was enjoyable and I Will Ferrell didn’t get on my nerves to bad. I would again but so far it hasn’t reached my list of favorite holiday movies. I hope I haven’t offended to many of you!



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