New Years resolutions

Over the past few years I have stepped away from the typical resolutions (eat better, loose weight, save money blah blah blah) and picked a resolution is kind off out of the box. I guess it’s more of a goal than a resolution. But I have found these goals to stick with my longer and in turn have made my life better. So it doesn’t make what you call it – a resolution, a goal, a wingding etc. just as long as you stick with it and don’t make it a chore. I can credit the success of my new years goals with the fact that I could fit them into every day life and it was something I really wanted to complete. Also I gave myself the ok to fail, as long as I was constantly trying and wouldn’t throw in the towel.

Case in point, my resolution for 2013 was 13 5K’s in 2013. When I got hurt in late October and wasn’t sure if I would be able to actually run the  3 remaining 5K’s; I gave myself the ok to walk the final ones. In the end I was able to run them. Had I not been able to run them and only walked I still would have felt the accomplishment of completing the resolution.

You have to set a resolution or goal that fits into your life not one so lofty that it wears you out. Yes, eating salads for that first week of January sounds good but it will wear on you and make you hate the resolution you choose. At least in my experince.

So what is the 2014 goal?? Well, I have decided to take a picture of myself everyday for year. I don’t have a specific reason for doing this I just think it will be fun and intereseting. Some might find this kind of boring but I am ok with that -it’s my resolution not yours. And don’t worry I am not planning to blog each photo- but I do see a 2014 montage coming your way around this time next year.

Thanks for spending another year with me! I hope your holidays have been wonderful and I wish you success in your resolutions, goals, wingdings or whatever you decide to call it.


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