Number 72: Shop on Christmas Eve

I am a confirmed planner, you know this already. I am that annoying person that is done shopping and has the gifts wrapped and under the tree at least a week prior to Christmas Eve. However, I was not that person this year.

That’s right folks I was this year. I blame the calendar, with Turkey Day so late I lost an entire week! My Christmas holiday shopping, decorating and baking does not start until after Thanksgiving. I let Thanksgiving have its spot light before focusing on Santa.

So I was all over the place this year with gift buying and wrapping and decorating. Since I was off on Christmas Eve I decided that I could turn this low spot into something positive. That’s right I made it into a list item!

The mall opened at 7am but I took my chances and slept in till about 7:45 and was at the mall at 8. Parked very easily and headed inside. There were people there but it was a light crowd. The longest line I encountered was at Starbucks. There were just a few items I needed in order to be completely done so I was out of the mall by about 9. Some would say that is not a true representation of Christmas Eve shopping. But for me who has never set foot in a store on Christmas Eve it is a true list item.

I’m sure as the day went on the store and parking lot got a little crazier but it was a pretty enjoyable morning for me. While I won’t make this a habit I did find some pretty good deals at the last-minute. You might just see me repeating this list item. But it will be for little extra gifts not anything essential.

Happy Holidays!



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