5K number 12- getting in the (chilly) holiday spirit.


I ran 5K number 12 in the early part of December, thinking the weather would be cold but not bone chilling cold. Well I was wrong! Temperature at start time 9 degrees!!!

The swag with this race – Santa’s on the loose was a long-sleeved race t-shirt, santa hat and beard. Normally I probably wouldn’t have normally run in the beard but due to the extreme cold it was a must. As you can see from the picture above I even had a cherry red nose to go along with the get up. I was layered up pretty heavily and even kept my hair down in order to add some extra warmth to my neck.


I started off pretty slow and even walked a bit at the beginning. The cold made it hard to get going and there was some ice on the streets so I wanted to be careful not to slip and fall. I am sure my physical therapist would have love me coming for next appointment with my knee more screwed up then when I started.

This race was one where you run to a certain point then loop back, not really a preferred race course for me. However, it was a fun time and I would run this one again. There were a lot of people dressed up and it takes a special kind of person to run in 9 degree weather. I really felt apart of something that day.



Onto (drum roll) number 13!!!!




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