5K number 11- Turkey Trotting!


For those you following my (probably annoying) facebook posts you know that I suffered an injury during my last half marathon and am currently in physical therapy to rehab the injury. Well pt is going well and my knee is getting stronger  and I was given the go head to sign up for The Kirkwood Turkey Trot (5K number 11) I was cleared to run at least 1.5 miles of the 5K and if things were feeling fine I could take the remaining 1.5 by ear.

I was both super excited and nervous about this race. I had only recently started running on the treadmill again and my highest mileage was 2 miles. Running outside through hilly Kirkwood in the 20 degree temps was going to be a challenge and possibly heartbreaking. When I trained for last half I really turned in a corner in my pacing, I was able to keep a 10:30 pace pretty consistently. The best pace since I had started running. I worked hard for that pace and I planned on keeping that pace for many races to come. My injury sidelined me from serious running and I was worried my pace was going to go out the window.

I am happy to report that I ran the entire 3.1 – only stopping to tie my shoe! The knee felt good but my quad did start to tighten up a bit at the end but with the finish line in site I pushed through-shhhhh don’t tell my physical therapist! Post -race I had a little soreness but nothing painful or like the pain I had during the half. I had an easy relaxing day planned after the race which included tons of stretching and a nap with heating pad which help soothe the soreness.

Overall the race went well, better than expected actually. And since I have only been running on a treadmill, putting my feet to actual pavement made me feel like I was flying. My finish time was 33:07. This was an important race not only because my goal is 13 5K’s this year but it proved that I am recovering from my injury and that I can still run like I used to. I wasn’t starting completely from scratch. I was extra thankful for this!

Looks like there is 5K number 12 in the picture. Stay tuned!


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