Number 71: See a movie in 3D


So ya I was a 3D virgin until just recently. I am not a big movie goer and I usually just wait until a movie makes it to my local Redbox before I see it. You know after the entire world as seen it, discussed it and moved on to the next big movie release.

I was not aiming to cross this off list, it just kind of happened. One night Jake was headed to the hockey game and both my mom and I had  a free evening so we made it a date night. We decided we want to go out and see a movie. Since I am the picky one about movies she let me pick what we would see. I chose Gravity, there weren’t really a lot of choices and it had Sandra Bullock (my pick for celebrity who would play me in a movie) and George Clooney (yummm!). When we arrived at the theatre we found out that it was showing in 3D. They gave us the glasses you see us wearing in the picture above.

The movie was good and I think it was the perfect first 3D movie to experience. There were a few times you felt like things were really flying at you but it wasn’t nauseating or constant. It was cool but I wouldn’t seek 3D out. I will just let it be a surprise.

Overall it was a good night, I got to cross something off my list, hang out with mom, see George Clooney!

Onto number 72…..

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