Number 70: Physical Therapy

This was not an experience I had planned to add to my list! However,  I injured my knee during the half marathon I ran in October (blog post coming soon). I thought maybe a little bit of rest might do the trick but after a week my knee was still aching and there was no way I could run. After asking for suggestions on othropedists from my Facebook friends I found a doctor and made an appointment (thank you friend). Xrays showed that I strained the ligaments in my right knee, 3 weeks of physical therapy were prescribed.

As a kid I participated in sports and danced and have now been running for 3 years, this is the first time injury has knocked me down. I think I am pretty lucky on this front. My injury is pretty mild, if I wasn’t so hell-bent on getting back to running I probably could have gotten away without doing anything. But I am now addicted to running and I am ready to plan my next race. I am determined to overcome this injury and get back out there.

Not going to lie I was really nervous about PT. One of the reasons I enjoy running is that I can do it on my own, at my own speed, on my own terms. At PT I would be doing physical activities in front of a person and under close supervision. But it ended up being not so bad – my therapist is from Cape G and knew several of my college buddies! What a small world.  Right now I am going to pt 3 times a week and I have a set of exercises to do at home.  They aren’t to bad but the foam roller is not my favorite! My knee is still pretty tender and this exercise makes the core burn. While it does kind of suck, after just a week of pt I do feel that the knee is getting better and (hopefully) stronger. I am also learning how to prevent future injury, which is great since I want to get back out there.

This was definitely an item that was a surprise, but it did give me the opportunity to learn more about my body and how the muscles and ligament  move and work to propel me forward. I am not going to let this get me down, I will come out stronger and I will run again.

Hopefully the next item on the list is a more fun and happy!


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