Number 69: Rappel

I jumped off a building! OK so maybe I didn’t exactly jump but I did just recently rappel down a 19 story building (The Four Seasons at Lumiere Casino). Why might you ask? Well the sappy answer is that I did it to support Special Olympics 7,972 local athletes to be exact. In order to rappel I had to raise $1,000 for Special Olympics Missouri. Money raised from this event allows Special Olympics Missouri to provide year round training and competition for athletes with intellectual disabilities.

But I did have other reasons besides supporting Special Olympics – A.) it sounded like a totally awesome thing to experience and B.)I could add it to my list! Yes, I do admit I had ulterior motives for wanting to take part in the Over the Edge event. So give me a look of shame and then read on.
I found out about the event from a sorority sister of mine who has taken part in the event for many years. She is so great at being a spokes person for the event she convinced me and 2 other sorority sisters to take the plunge, so to speak. Together we formed team Over the Crescent Moon since the crescent moon is our sorority symbol.

This is us making the crescent symbol supporting the awesome shirts we had made for the event.

IMG_18111277342_10202068444257137_441556205_o[1] (1)

I’m not going to lie I was hesitant to sign up for this event. Not because it meant a 19 story rappel but because I had to raise 1,000! There are so many charities out there, so many people constantly asking for money or selling something I worried I wouldn’t have the resources to get the 1,000. With a little brainstorming I came up with bake sale Mondays. Each Monday I tempted my co-workers with baked goods either from my kitchen or from Dunkin Donuts and asked them to donate to my cause. I also sent out an email to my family and friends asking for their support. I was humbled by the support given to me – not only did I raise 1,000 I raised 1,170! I exceeded the goal. Thank you to everyone who donated to help my go Over the Edge. I couldn’t have done it with out you!

Once the fundraising was over, it was time to rappel!! I wasn’t nervous, heights don’t bother me especially when I have on a harness and am surrounded by a team of professionals. This is a photo right before we went to get suited up. The “fear” on my face is fake but my Katie might have been showing some actual fear since heights aren’t her thing.


Here is a picture of us all suited up and ready to head up to the roof!


When I told people I was doing this they asked me aren’t you scared?! My answer was always no I am excited and that remained my answer – until I had to take that first step off the building. I did have a few people who had rappelled tell me that the first step is the hardest. With my back to the ground 19 stories below I stepped off and found my self with an amazing view and feeling of total exhilaration.
This is me just a few steps down – look mom no hands!


Here are a few more shots of me making my way down the building. I am the one on your right. As you can see Katie kicked my butt, we started at roughly the same time. I envisioned this being a very bouncy ride, using my feet to hop down the building. Not so much. Holy upper body Batman. In order to go down I had squeeze a lever with left hand and guide a rope with my right. Technically I didn’t really even need the building! I think it probably took me about 15 to 20 minutes to make it down to the ground. It was a mix of being tired and wanting to really enjoy the view, it’s not everyday you get to see St. Louis while hanging off a building.

1392772_10151915557527485_414245014_n[1] 1379713_10151915558097485_1668227789_n[1] 10161364586_d381b4fc28_o[1] 10161364186_e3662ce2fc_o[1]
This is my I’m safe on the ground picture that I sent out to family and friends when I was finished. While this was an amazing experience I think it’s a one and done. Yes, I had an awesome time but it was certainly tiring and I was constantly worried about fundraising. I’m sure my sorority sister that talked me into it the first time will try again. If this sounds like something you might want to try let me know and I will pass along the info and I will even donate to your fundraising! This was an amazing experience made even more special that I had 3 of my sorority sisters with me. I’m so glad I did it!

Onto to thing number 70! 970533_918740365500_1043411399_n[1]


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