swing and a miss!

Yes, I have been at it again. More Pinterest recipes tried in my kitchen.
Crock pot apple breakfast – This sounded appealing not only because of the ease but because it would make our smell super yummy. Well our house didn’t smell like anything and this was as bland as eating a piece of wood. I followed the directions exactly but all I got were mushy apples in an oatmeal soup. This one got the delete button pretty quickly. I was not only disappointed by the last but that I didn’t at least get a kitchen that smelled like apples and cinnamon.

Pumpkin Angel Food Cake – Sorry no hyper link to this one. I was disappointed in this one it got the ax pretty quickly. This did prove to be a learning experience – did you know that there is such a thing as an angel food cake pan? That you can’t make angel food cake in a bundt pan? I almost took a picture of the massive heap of angel food cake pieces I was able to extract from the bundt pan in order submit it as a “nailed it” picture. Well besides the fact that I made this in a bundt pan I found that it didn’t have the pumpkin taste I was looking for. I am kind of a pumpkin fanatic and the hint of pumpkin this offered didn’t do it for me. Oh well onto other pumpkin recipes!

Pumpkin french toast – Did I mention that I love pumpkin? If it has pumpkin in it I will most likely try it or try to make it. From the pictures this looked pretty tasty. It’s not hard to make but the bread was pretty mushy which I couldn’t get past. I did adjust the recipe (well Jake did the math) down from 10 servings to 5 which might have caused this to not turn out as I expected. Although there were parts of it that were almost like pumpkin pie so that was a plus. While not terrible there are so many other pumpkin breakfast items I would indulge in. Delete!

Before going in the oven

After coming out of the oven

This post isn’t a total downer – I did have some successes!
Apple pie cupcakes – I admit it I am a Harry Potter nerd, so when I saw this pin for Harry Potter themed food I pinned it. Also major bonus was it had a recipe for pumpkin juice. The cupcakes in this pin turned out great and were super easy – got to love with the recipe calls for a box cupcake mix. Just bake the cupcakes, core out the middle, add apple pie filling. The pumpkin juice was pretty tasty too. I would definitely serve at any Halloween bash. Cheers to Harry, Ron and Herimone.

Strawberry cookies – Recently I need a dessert to bring to a Gamma Phi event and since all G Phis love pink I wanted a pink dessert. I got this recipe from a pin that gives recipes that use cake mix. I have made cake mix cookies before and let me tell you people flock to them. My cookies came out the perfect shade of pink and were a crowd pleaser – especially when I brought them to work. If you are looking for an easy addicting recipe make cookies with cake mix. You will be the hero of the party.

Again just an update on recipes one of these days my calendar will clear and I will have some crafting time. Until then happy pinning and thanks for reading!


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