5K number 9 – back to work I go

5K number 9 was a bit unusual – it was a Saturday and the run was at my work on our spacious campus. One of the groups on campus (called Moxy) wanted to promote wellness so they offered an all employee 5K. I of course jumped at the chance not having an August 5K picked out. This was great because it was only 10.00 and I knew exactly where I was going and where to park.

As August events tend to be it was a hot one! At the 9am start time I think it was like 88 degrees. After a group led stretch we were off to run the campus.

I will say that when I crossed the finish the line my GPS said that we had only run 2.5 miles. But with the heat and the fact that I make up on the rules I am calling this a legit 5K. I mean the shirt for the event called it a 5K so that works for me.

The route was pretty flat but there were a few inclines that just killed my legs. I powered through and made it to the finish line – and I wasn’t the last one! Woo-hoo. That is always a fear of mine – to be last. So far after 9 5K’s it hasn’t happened.

Onward to 5K number 10!!!


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