Number 67: Buy something from Coach

Yes, I am on the Coach bandwagon! I got my first Coach purse through work so to me that doesn’t count as making an official Coach purchase. But, I got my chance just a few weeks ago when we went to Table Rock Lake on our annual family vacation. When the forecast called for rain we hit the outlet mall. The funny store is Jake wanted to go so he could stock up on shoes and I ended up leaving with 2 pairs of shoes (one from Coach and one from Bass) and he left with none!

I had not intended to make any purchases but when we walked into Coach and they handed me that 50% off coupon I looked a little harder. And I found these babies! While they are not technically my size my feet fit snugly into them and a little mole skin keeps the blisters away.

Are you surprised? My first official Coach purchase was shoes and not a purse. It was a fun experience and hopefully one I will experience many times over. Maybe I will even be able to make a purchase inside an actual retail shop and not an outlet. Baby steps I guess!



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