slowly working through some pins……

Yes, I am still addicted to Pinterest. I just haven’t had a ton of time to try all the things I am pinning. But thanks to Bake Sale Mondays, a new thing I created to help raise for my Over the Edge rappelling adventure, I have been able to try out a few pins.

Iced coffee – – While I am more of a hot coffee junkie once in a while an iced coffee is a nice treat. This was a pretty easy recipe and for the most part it tasted like an iced coffee you buy at your local coffee shop.It calls for coffee ice cubes, so when I have left over coffee I think I may just freeze it and save it for when I have the hankering for an iced coffee–and I don’t want to leave the house. While not perfect, this is a good substitute. It has been moved to the will make again board.

Strawberry shortcake rice krispie treats – – I am on the fence about these. I made them the night before so I put them in the fridge since they had angel food cake in them. As a result the rice krispies got a little soggy. But when packaged together with the strawberries and whipped cream they were a hit. Strawberry shortcake isn’t supposed to be crunchy so the soggy rice krispies pair nicely with the spongy angel food cake. The major win of this recipe though was that I got to make homemade whipped cream, and it was really good. As it mixed in the stand mixer I thought this is never going to more than soup! But gradually it fromed nice peaks – just the recipe said it would. The whipped cream recipe is included in the link above with the rice krispie recipe. I put the recipe on my will make again board because I think it would be a good summer time treat – but I feel like I will be making the whipped cream recipe more often. It would be delicious on a great big mug of hot chocolate on a cold day or on top of a piece of pumpkin pie.  This was a win!

Cinnamon Sugar Muffins – Another so/so win. These muffins were pretty good and easy to make. The only issue, actually more of an annoyance, I had with the recipe is that she states 3 times in the recipe not to over mix the dough. So immediately before I even start baking I am consumed with this fear that I will over mix the dough and the recipe will be ruined. I think I did just the right amount of mixing, the muffins tasted good and came out in the nice dense muffin form they should have been. Since this recipe is easy I plan to keep it on the “will make again” board. You never know when you might have to bring muffins somewhere!

Birthday Cake Popcorn – – Did someone say cake? If you haven’t figured this out yet, if it says cake I will pin it! Again I felt this was a so/so win. I didn’t get all my popcorn coated but I did get most of it coated with a little chocolate. I think next time I would do it in smaller batches and maybe lay the popcorn out on a piece of was paper instead of coating in a bowl. This is a good all holiday recipe. You could dye the white chocolate a different color and use holiday specific M&M’s. Also it would be good for showers (bridal or baby) using the brides wedding colors or the gender of the baby. I am keeping this one because of it’s versatility and popcorn is usually a crowd pleaser. I didn’t pop the popcorn in a popcorn maker as stated in the recipe, I just used microwave popcorn. I mean it is me – if it can be done in a microwave I will take that route.

Spiced Sweet Potato Oven Fries – – Remember when I said I was a hot coffee junkie well I am also a french fry junkie. I gave them up for lent and I thought I was going to die. These were pretty tasty but when paired with the chiptole sauce (recipe listed in the link above) they were pretty spicy – and I even left out the cayenne pepper the recipe called for on the fries. This pin is getting the delete button. While they were good I think I would have been just as happy with lightly salting the sweet potato fries before baking them. Just as tasty and quicker prep. Not so much a loss as a good try but no cigar.

More wins than losses this time! Looking forward to trying out more pins and finally getting some crafting in – if my calender would just stop filling up! But it just means I am loved and it’s better than being bored (most of the time).



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