Number 66: Eat at Dewy’s Pizza

St. Louis surprisingly has a lot of pizza choices to choose from, even though we are not famous for it like say Chicago. When it comes to toasted T-ravs everyone knows St. Louis is the place to go. Although Dewey’s isn’t exactly a homegrown St. Louis pizza establishment you do hear St. Louisians talking about it as a favored place to go. With all this talk I felt like I was missing out on something.
I do find it strange that it took me this long to get there because Jake could eat pizza 7 days a week – me not so much. Although Jake is more traditional about pizza, sticking to generic toppings and is not really into the “fancy” toppings Dewy’s offers.
But just a few weeks ago I got my chance to try out Dewey’s with my mom, sister in law and nephew. Our pizza was good but I wasn’t wowed. Plus I felt it was a little expensive. However, I do think I will be back, this would be a good change of pace restaurant but I wouldn’t add to my list of favs. Sorry to you Dewey’s fans, I don’t mean to diss your pizza.

I think a trip to Pi is now in order. Anyone up for a pizza date?


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