Number 65: Be in a human chess game

A few weeks ago at work we had office Olympics week. Each day we had a different activity. As a member of the employee engagement committee I helped with the planning and logistics of the week One of my main tasks was to build the pool noodle lanes for the duck races in our fountain on the last day. I don’t think any of the events were actually Olympic events but they were fun none the less!
Not only did I get to help plan (yay!) I got to be a part of many of the events including human chess! The funny part is I don’t even know how to play chess! The day started off with a chess tournament sans people as pieces. The first and second place winners got to call the shots and tell us where to move. And I was on the winning side! Woo-hoo.
This was a fun event to be a part of and it was kind of my Harry Potter moment too! Although not as dangerous. My fellow Potterites will understand what I mean. If you are looking for a pawn for your next human chess game (not in life) sign me up! I never thought I would be crossing this off this list but life is full of surprises and in this case wins! Check mate!


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