Yikes! Where has the summer gone??

I was on a blogging role and then all the sudden I didn’t have anything interesting to say (some may say I haven’t had interesting to say since I started this blog).  We have been our usual busy selves and just going about our daily lives.

I have been busy baking to raise money for my trip Over the Edge of lumiere casino — want to donate? Here is the website http://somo.kintera.org/edgestl/erinrisk

Most things I have been baking have been the easy stuff, not a ton of Pinterest recipes. I did try this one over the 4th of July Cupcakes with a chocolate center. Basically 5 minutes after you put your cupcakes in the oven you drop a Hershey kiss in the middle of the batter. They turned out ok(ish). Right out of the oven they might have had a gooey chocolate center but by the time I served them the chocolate had harden so it was a cupcake with a chocolate bar in the middle. Still cool but I think I will stick to filling my cupcakes with pudding or fudge.

Also tried were hot cocoa cookies. These are a keeper and will be made at Christmas time for sure. They are chocolaty and have a gooey marshmallow on top. I think Santa would approve of these cookies!

As summer finishes out we hope to have some updates done in the house and enjoy the amazing weather we are having. I hope you are having a good summer. Thanks for reading!


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