Eating my words……………yet again

Around this time last year a friend suggested running the Rock N Rock half marathon together. I had done the R&R the year before and felt since I had done one I could cross it off the list. Then I started getting the itch to do another one and with my friends suggestion I made the determination to sign up for the 2012 R&R.

When I completed that half last year I felt pretty confidently that I was done with the half marathon scene.  I decided I wanted to keep running but not in preparation for another half. My new years resolution is 13 in 13 – 13 5k’s in 2013. I did this so I would keep running and would have some sort of goal in mind.  I am better when I working towards something. Being a planer personality I need time lines, items to cross off a list and an end result.

But……………………the half marathon itch is back! And yes I am scratching it. On October 13th I will be running the Go! Halloween half.

I think I get these “itches” because when you are training for a half you have a goal – something to look forward to. You know that the miles you are putting in are worth it. Plus training for a half means a lot of running and conditioning and I noticed during training periods how much better I felt. I was more alert and confident. Plus those pounds went bye bye (the biggest motivator of all).

I have not abandoned my 13 in 13 goal, you will still see me out there doing the 3.1 each month. The fun part about the Halloween half is that you get to wear costumes! So not only I am training but I am costume planning. Any suggestions?

So yes I said I was never going to run another half, but I am taking those words back and signing up for the Halloween half marathon.  I am eating my words but actually I like the way they taste! Half number 3 is pretty tasty entree.



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