Number 63: Put my dinner choice in the chefs hands

What do you mean I can’t order off the menu? Don’t you know I plan every detail of my life, including checking the menu before I go out to a restaurant?!

Recently I attended No Menu Monday at Home wine kitchen in Maplewood with some lovely ladies. This is a very popular event, it took us several weeks (almost months due to schedules) to get a reservation. And even then our reservation was at 8pm – how east coast of us!

When you arrive you asked several questions:
* Do you have any food allergies?
* What makes you say yuck?
* What are you in the mood for?
* What do you cook at home?
* Do you like pork belly?
From these questions the chef prepares you a three course meal. You don’t know what is coming and everyone is getting something different. As food came out around us we would stop our conversation to listen to what had been prepared. It was so interesting to hear about all the creations.
I was curious to see what the chef would do with my meal since I am super picky. My answer to the second question took a little while, my yuck list is a little long. While the “what do you cook at home question” was simple – anything that can be microwaved.
In the end my meal was an appetizer of fried cheese fritters, a tender piece of chicken with an amazing sauce and a side of charred green onion followed by a chocolate pudding with marshmallow fluff. The food was amazing. Among the items that showed up at our table were  headcheese, duck and even an alcoholic dessert slush.
I have to admit I was a little nervous about what would be brought out to me but I think the chef did a great job preparing the food based off our questions. I would recommend grabbing a group and taking this culinary adventure. If I had the chance to do this again I might even be a little more adventurous and not answer the yuck question in paragraph form.
Onto the next adventure that is number 64.


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