5k number 6

Ahh so nice to get back on track with the 5k’s! This was a special one for me. Recently my sorority added Girls on the Run as a philanthropic partner (if you haven’t heard of this organization I highly recommend reading and learning about them here). Collegiate and alum chapters can get involved with this organization in several ways from being coaches and mentors to girls to setting up cheer stations at the 5k’s the girls train for during the year.

The collegiate chapter at SLU and the STL alum chapter set up a cheer station at this 5k. It was cool to turn the corner and see a sea of pink signs and boas that were the G-Phis cheering on every girl no matter if they were running their heart out, walking quickly or just taking it a step at a time.

I wore my (pink) G-Phi running shorts and as I passed the cheering G-Phi’s I was amazed at the time and effort put into the signs they made and their excitement for each runner – after all this a Saturday at 8am right before school was out for summer. Looking at those girls you felt they wanted you to keep going and that you were truly something special.

Sorority girls often get a bad rap but we do a lot of good too! I am proud to call myself a Gamma Phi not only because of the sisterhood I have experienced but because of the impact it can have on the lives of others.

So far this is my most inspirational 5k this year.

Onto number 7!!



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