Help me go over the edge!!

You may recently have received this email from me – you may have deleted it, it may have ended up in  your spam, whatever. But here it is again for your viewing pleasure. I am really excited about this endeavor but I need your help. Please consider making a donation and if you have the time come watch me rappel on October 4th!!

This October 4th, I will join fellow thrill seekers downtown at The Four Seasons at Lumiere Place and rappel 19 stories from the roof. 
That’s right; I’m going Over the Edge!
 Why am I doing this? Because 7,972 local athletes from the Special Olympics will benefit from this event; Over the Edge allows Special Olympics Missouri to provide year round training and competition for athletes with intellectual disabilities. We want to make jaws drop – not only by what we are doing, but with the amount of money that we can raise with your support!
 Any tax-deductible donation you could provide will stay in the St. Louis Metro Area and directly affect our local program. You can make a donation online at
Or you can  write a check, payable to Special Olympics Missouri. I will send you a tax deduction form if you choose this option.
I am offering some incentives for donating:
* Anyone who makes at least a 25.00 donation will receive a thank you pin
* Anyone who makes at least a 50.00 donation will be invited to a donor’s party sometime after the rappel date (along with a thank you pin)
* Make a 100.00 donation and you receive a free shirt and your name will be included on the back as a sponsor (if you donate by June 10th). You get a pin and an invite to the party too! 
* Cupcake fundraiser – stay tuned for news on how you can buy cupcakes to support me going over the edge. (What is an event without cupcakes, right!)
*  Throughout the summer I will be hosting raffles, bake sales, t-shirt sales etc.
(if you don’t want to receive updates please let me know and I will remove you, no worries) 
Please consider supporting me for this event and creating positive benefits for our athletes’ lives.  If you are free on the 4th feel free to come cheer me and my teammates on! Our team name is Over the Crescent Moon -since I am taking on this challenge with several of my sorority sisters.
Thanks again for your support and generosity

Thank you for your support! Please pass along to anyone who might be interesting in donating.

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