Pumpkin recipes week 2 and 3

Pumpkin month continues!

Pumpkin pie smoothie This turned out ok but i won’t make it again. There was only a slight pumpkin taste not enough for me to keep it on the keep list.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Cupcakes I will most likely make these again. They mainly taste like pumpkin muffins but they do have a hint of coffee taste in them. You add instant coffee to the batter. The idea behind the post was that you put them in Starbucks cups and then ice them so the icing looks like whipped cream on a latte. I was not worried about the presentation just the taste. But for next time I will turn down the heat when baking, they bake at 375 but I have several cupcakes that burned a little.

Onto week 4!


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