Brides and wine

This past March I was honored to host a bridal shower for my cousin getting married this spring.  I decided to do a wine (and wine cork) theme to play off of her maiden name Corkery.
My mom and I found this really cute wine bar 3500 Winehaus and from there the planning began.
To liven up the tables I cut out wine glass confetti in her wedding colors and ordered some personalized confetti from Etsy. On a random trip to Party City I found the “vases” for the flowers and monogrammed signs I made. Truly these are supposed to be used for a candy bar. I filled them with wine corks and then inserted either flowers or a sign with her new initial. The were super easy to make using my circut, a small wood rod and hot glue.

My amazing sister in law made cupcakes that she then arranged into a wedding dress. The top is mini cupcakes and the bottom is regular size cupcakes. This was another Pinterest find.


What is a shower without games? I ordered bridal bingo cards from Etsy. These cards were blank so each guest had to fill in what she thought Katie would receive at the shower. As she opened they had to cross off the items that they had listed on the card. It put every one in a thinking mood.

We also played the thank you card game – where each guest addresses their own thank you card envelope then you throw them in a basket and pick out an envelope and that person wins a prize. Plus the bride has her thank yous already addressed. We had bath and body works lotion as prizes or they could take home a centerpiece. The final game was another Esty find – custom bridal scratch off tickets.

We had pretty large space to utilize so I set up a photo booth and had a friend of mine take photos. Through another friend I was able to borrow some pretty cool props. I think everyone enjoyed dressing up and being silly
Silly but fun

Mother daughter fun!

The beautiful bride and me with two of my hand made props.
To complete the day I handed two favors. A wine cork magnet I made by having Jake cut wine corks in half and then gluing a magnet to the back. I wrapped them in tulle and put a little card that said Thank you for attending Katie CORKery’s shower we hope you had a MAGNETificant time.The other was a few Hershey’s kisses and hugs tied up in tulle. The card read Hugs and Kisses for the soon to be Mr. and Mrs.
All in all it was a great day and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.  I can’t wait to celebrate her wedding!!


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