St. Louis loses a great man

This January the Cardinals community was hit hard by the loss of Stan the Man. While I didn’t ever see Stan play I did know about his amazing contributions to St. Louis. He was my dads favorite player and I can remember going to opening days and seeing dads face light up as Stan was brought out to the field.
Stan will be greatly missed not only because of the great plays and stats he put up as player but also because of the person he was. He truly showed the country what being a gentleman was and what it means to be a St. Louis Cardinal.
I visited the Stan statue and placed two carnations in honor of Stan and the joy he brought to my dads life. That love of baseball was something that was instilled in me as a kid and gave me some of the best memories with my dad. I left carnations because they are long lasting flower and Stan will be a part of St. Louis for a long time. He knew what the game and this city was about.

It was very heart warming to see the cards, balloons, flowers, beers, signs etc. that had been placed. He meant so much to this city and I feel that we in turn have done his memory justice. I think any time anyone hears a harmonica that will think of that jovial man who wore red and was a Cardinals player through and through.

Cheers to Stan!



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