Everything is better with Bacon

After a little prodding from my co-workers I took the plunge and made a bacon cupcake. Of course I scoured Pinterest for the perfect recipe. There were pretty many recipes to choose from but I landed on this one. They turned out pretty well but they turned out more like muffins instead of cupcakes – meaning they were a little dense. Although, these do make you think of breakfast so being more muffin doesn’t make this a deal breaker.

The maple bacon icing included with the recipe was a fail. It turned out more of a glaze not an icing. While it didn’t taste bad it was disappointing that it didn’t turn out more like an icing. I think the syrup in the recipe might have caused it to not thicken.

All in all I would say this was a success. I had chosen this recipe because it had bacon in both the cupcake and the icing. Most recipes I came across were for a maple cupcake with a maple bacon icing. I mean if you are going to make bacon cupcakes you should go all out and bacon it as much as you can.

Probably won’t be a staple in my cupcake baking but I could see these being made again.


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