Number 61: Try expresso

Within the past three to four years or so I have become what you would call a coffee drinker. I used to not touch the stuff unless mocha or latte or pumpkin was in the description. You know the fru fru coffee that isn’t really coffee. But now I am a regular drinker and most mornings start my day with about 4 cups.  I enjoy trying different types of roasts and flavors but am in no way a connoisseur.
Although I am no stranger to caffeine  I grew up on a steady diet of Coke a Cola and Diet Coke. Truthfully I am not drinking the coffee for the caffeine but because I enjoy the taste. In fact I really think I have grown a tolerance to caffeine. When Jake and I visited The Cup for my birthday I decided hey I am 30 something I should try Espresso. 

It was ok kind of the bitter side. I think I will leave the little cups for the rest of the world. I am sticking with my big mug of coffee goodness. Our little cupcake espresso trip was around 7:30-8pm and I was ready for bed at my usual 10pm. Kind of proves my hypothesis that I have a very tolerance to caffeine.
Action shot – kind of a creepy picture of me!
Call me if you are interested in a coffee date!

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