Bunnies on parade

I decided I wanted to make something to take to Jake’s sisters house for Easter. These were pinned on my holiday food board and I thought they would be fun and easy to make. And they were! The nice part is the recipe calls for pre-made sugar cookie dough. No need to make anything from scratch. They are supposed to be somewhat oval. I used an egg cookie cutter to shape the dough but after cooking they came out pretty round.

A simple mixture of powdered sugar and water gave me the icing and then I added the Good n Plenty as ears and a fondant bunny tail. The eyes I drew on with edible food markers – available at Joanns for like 5.00 (with your 40% coupon).
The cookie recipe on Pinterest used icing as the tail but I had a recipe for marshmallow fondant that I had been dying to try. It worked pretty well and I think I will use for future desserts that I want to add some fun designs to. It can be easily colored with food coloring and was pretty easy to make. Although I didn’t expect the marshmallows to melt so fast and I burned the first batch. Below are some pictures of the bunnies on our counter. They turned out pretty cute.This is a recipe I would make again.

Fondant Bunny Tails – aren’t they cute!


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